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Archive for September 2019

Pains 2 Gains – Iterations and Increments

Pain: Over Commitment / Opportunistic Thinking Why is it that we commit to so much work at the beginning of each Sprint and we are never finished by the end of the Sprint? Gain: Iteration and Increments Some teams are very optimistic about committed work.  Doing work in small batches provide the team with the…

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Pains 2 Gains – Abundant Mindset

Pain Point: Deficit Mindset. The deficit mindset is a zero-sum focus in life.  Leaders who compare themselves to members on their team at a certain point in their career is demonstrating a deficit mindset.  He or she is saying to that person, I am the only one with capabilities to solve the current issue at…

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Pains 2 Gains – People Engagement Gap

Pain Point: People Engagement Gap. One of the most common challenges all teams face is their managers do not create an environment for emergent leadership. This can produce several negative results including: Unproductive culture Unhappy employees and team members Decreased productivity Lack of new ideas Less team work Impact: Lost Time, Money and Resources. The result…

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