Agile Leadership Page

The Agile leader is a servant leader.  The agile leader creates a context and environment for enable self-organization.  He or She creates the environment for agile teams to collaborate, learn from each other, get quick feedback from users and are focused on quality and continuous learning.

Key Attributes:

  1. Lead through influence
  2. Place people's needs over your own interest
  3. Be trustworthy
  4. Build a circle of trust
  5. Serve in order to lead
  6. Have a vision and work for it


  • Growth Mindset
  • Enable emergent leadership
  • Empathy towards self and others


  • Business Agility
  • Technical Agility
  • Design Thinking


  • What's on the horizon?
  • Identify differentiators
  • Sustain acceleration


  • Collaborate with other leaders
  • Build guiding community
  • Co-ownership