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Happy Contributing People

Happy Contributing People




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Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting the teams trained and prepped for big room planning. I appreciate your coaching style, you have a great way of lifting people up and encouraging them. I am so grateful you are part of the team -- Amy PetSmart

Thank you for leading the cross functional workshops, coaching teas to align on challenging situations and aligning to increase collaboration. Byron -- Apex Systems

Your training and facilitation helped to transform a group of individuals into into an effective team to start a SCRUm project at Tucson Electric Power (TEP).  David -- TEP

For People seeking Business, Executive, and Organizational Coaching

For Coaching

Learn to enable thought-provoking leadership skills that inspire fluid organizational flow.

For Leaders

Agile Leaders

Learn techniques to recycle process efficiencies, constantly reassess project value, and inspire an environment for your team to thrive.

Business Agility For Enterprises

Knolshare Business Agility for Enterprises

Create an environment for the whole organization to respond to opportunities and threats using frameworks, innovation, and collaboration.

Collaborative Consulting

Knolshare Collaborative Consulting

We partner with your firm; we conduct a thorough analysis of your challenges to collectively seek the best solutions.

Ask Dr. Dave

Gain more tips, tricks, and insights from our Blog articles and Videos. See our certified Agile professionals in action teaching other teams like yours.

Knolshare One on One Training

One-on-One Conversations

Get a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Dave, a renowned leader in Agile coaching.