Danielle Pollard. Stop Working. Start Creating.

Danielle Pollard Shares Stop Working, Start Creating


Generative leadership and personal growth. 0:07

    • Danielle shares her appreciation for Dr. Dave's support and wisdom and discusses her background and interests in leadership and technology.


Leveraging time and expertise for business growth. 2:07

    • Danielle shares their personal and professional journey, highlighting their passion for Agile consulting and helping small businesses grow.


Workplace microaggressions and perspectives. 3:51

    • Danielle shares their passion for dancing as a source of joy and escape from work-related stress.
    • Woman shares personal experiences of being a minority in the workplace, including only having one black boss and working for primarily white men.


Workplace challenges and personal growth. 8:20

    • Danielle shares personal experience with workplace discrimination, impacting mental health and relationships.
    • Danielle reflects on their journey of self-discovery and realization of their worth despite societal expectations and limited opportunities for Black women in corporate America.
    • Danielle reflects on past decisions and behaviors that have hindered their success and happiness and seeks to make changes to achieve their desired outcomes.
    • Danielle discovers the importance of femininity and feminine power in their personal and professional life and shares their journey with the audience.


Work-life balance and personal growth. 14:29

    • Danielle discusses "stop working" and "start creating," arguing that focusing on creating experiences rather than just working hard can lead to tremendous success and fulfillment.
    • The speaker shares personal anecdotes about how they shifted their approach at work, resulting in promotions and recognition, highlighting the importance of empathy and listening in professional settings.


Gender roles and workplace experiences. 17:26

    • Danielle describes how they used to be a tomboy and hated their given name, Danielle, but now embraces their femininity and loves themselves as a woman.
    • Danielle shares how they transformed from a non-feminine way of being to embrace their feminine energy, which they believe men have no defense against.
    • Danielle's friends call them "Danny Mac," but they prefer to go by "Dan" to show their transformation.
    • Danielle shares their experience of feeling unheard and having judgment questioned in the workplace despite being a Gemini.
    • Data shows that women in the workplace, particularly black women, face challenges such as feeling unheard and having their judgment questioned.


Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 24:00

    • Danielle emphasizes hiring based on ability and paying based on results.
    • Danielle reflects on their experiences as the only black woman in the room and questions the effectiveness of diversity efforts.
    • Danielle discusses "playing your own game" in navigating workplace dynamics and microaggressions.


Perception and behavior. 30:06

    • Danielle discusses the impact of perception on reality and behavior, using examples from their daily life.


Taking responsibility and empowerment. 32:47

    • Coach advises against making excuses and taking responsibility to gain power in situations.
    • Danielle argues that victims of abuse or trauma often feel powerless due to their beliefs and behaviors and that taking ownership and being accountable can help them move forward with strength and perseverance.
    • Danielle encourages listeners to exercise their strength, confidence, and curiosity rather than blaming others or living in denial.


Shifting mindset for women in the workplace. 37:50

    • Danielle reflects on their biases and limitations, recognizing the need to challenge their narrative and take on a new view of being a black woman in the workplace.
    • Danielle encourages others to do the same, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and overcoming internalized oppression to achieve true agency and power.
    • Danielle shares their experience of shifting from competitive arguments to collaborative conversations by embracing feminine energy and practicing empathy.
    • Danielle provides tips for women to build their feminine energy, such as observing the difference between masculine and feminine traits and practicing empathy in conversations.


Embracing feminine traits in leadership. 43:14

    • Danielle emphasizes embracing and expressing feminine traits in the workplace, such as empathy, nurturing, and connection.
    • The speaker shares anecdotes and examples of how embracing her feminine side has helped her career, including being more empathetic and bringing cookies to work.


Feminine energy, self-love, and body positivity. 45:40

    • Reconnect with body, nature, and inner power through dance and self-care.
    • Danielle emphasizes the importance of having a circle of supportive women in one's life, citing the benefits of shared energy and bonding.
    • Danielle encourages women to prioritize self-care and self-love, even in the face of societal pressure to conform to beauty standards.
    • Danielle discusses their dislike for their body and feeling disconnected from society while expressing frustration with societal beauty standards.
    • Danielle asks a question to a group of women in a workshop, seeking their answer to the number one thing men find attractive about a woman, with exciting results.


Self-love, vulnerability, and relationships. 52:16

    • Danielle emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-care for building vulnerability and connection in a relationship.
    • Danielle emphasizes the importance of enjoying receiving help and support from others.
    • Danielle expresses frustration with feeling powerless and victimized in past relationships and shares how learning to embrace their feminine energy has given them more power and control.
    • Danielle's ex-boyfriend, Brandon, shared the importance of learning to receive and let go of control, which they later applied to their relationships.


Embracing feminine energy and emotions. 57:59

    • Danielle emphasizes embracing and flowing through emotions rather than resisting or denying them.
    • She encourages women to prioritize self-care and self-love and not be afraid to show vulnerability and emotions to create a more balanced and harmonious environment.
    • Danielle appreciated the presentation's emphasis on self-expression and authenticity, recognizing the importance of being true to oneself.
    • Antonio found the presentation "phenomenal," gaining valuable insights into self-expression's power and its impact on one's life.


Creating space for women of color in tech. 1:04:13

    • Dr. Dave thanked Danielle and the attendees for listening to her message and encouraged them to stay safe during the holiday season.
    • Danielle emphasizes the importance of personal agency and accountability for happiness and effectiveness at work.


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