Entrepreneurship and Leadership Insights

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Darrell CoachD Andrews is a guest in the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Insights


  • Overcoming challenges to reach goals with guest Daryl Coach D. Andrews. 0:07
    • Coach D. Andrews shares the inspiring song "Ain't No Mountain High" to motivate listeners to reach their goals.
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership insights. 2:40
    • Darrell Andrews, CEO of CoachD, LLC, and Associates, provides coaching and training to leaders and staff on post-pandemic leadership, empowering self-care, team building, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • Darrell's small but mighty team integrates into clients' cultures to help build their cultures and achieve their goals, focusing on partnership and effectiveness.
    • CoachD wants to create healthier, more vital workplaces where people can grow as humans and individuals.
    • CoachD's entrepreneurial journey was inspired by influential figures like Dr. Myles Munroe, Les Brown, and Zig Ziglar, but they wanted to take a different path and help build systems from the ground up.
  • Overcoming business challenges during the pandemic. 7:43
    • CoachD faced a challenge when the pandemic caused a sudden loss of 90% of their business in one week, and they had to quickly adapt by shifting to virtual services.
    • CoachD overcame this challenge by quickly changing their business model to virtual services and communicating this change to their team and customers.
  • Embracing disruptive innovation and cultural identity in business. 10:19
    • CoachD discusses the importance of embracing disruptive innovation in business, citing examples of how it can lead to growth and success.
    • Dr. Dave and CoachD discuss balancing cultural identity with the business world and finding a new direction in response to disruptive innovation.
    • CoachD emphasizes the importance of diversity in the workplace, citing Deloitte's "diversity frontier" report that shows companies with diverse perspectives are more successful.
    • CoachD encourages individuals to stay focused on their goals despite obstacles, citing their experience as an entrepreneur for 20 years.
  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 16:33
    • CoachD emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their race or background.
    • CoachD and Dr. Dave discuss the value of expanding any's customer base and reaching common ground through inclusive practices.
  • Mentorship and entrepreneurship. 19:09
    • CoachD emphasizes the importance of mentorship in personal and professional growth, suggesting it should be a prerequisite in the workplace and communities.
    • Dr. Dave asked for advice on mentoring young people of color who aspired to be entrepreneurs, with CoachD highlighting the need for mentorship programs and peer-to-peer mentoring.
    • Dr. Dave advises younger entrepreneurs to take a business course and learn about finances, accounting, and marketing before starting a business.
    • He emphasizes the importance of accountability and provides coaching services to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.
  • Entrepreneurship, business growth, and community impact. 23:58
    • CoachD shares its experience with SCORE, which provides free business mentorship and education to entrepreneurs and small business owners.
    • Dr. Dave asks about the impact of the speaker's business on their local community and beyond.
  • Community involvement and mentorship in business. 26:28
    • CoachD shares their experience as a business owner and community leader in Delaware, highlighting their involvement in volunteerism and empowering young people.
    • CoachD discusses the importance of giving back to the community and building partnerships to help the next generation thrive.
    • CoachD shared a personal story of receiving mentorship from Les Brown, an internationally known speaker and author, who provided valuable insights and encouragement.
    • CoachD emphasized the importance of paying it forward and helping others, citing Les Brown's example of mentoring someone younger and less known in the industry.
  • Adapting to changes in the coaching industry. 32:14
    • CoachD discusses the shift in the coaching industry, where traditional models are fading, and new hybrid models are emerging, focusing on online courses and AI partnerships.
    • CoachD emphasizes the importance of pivoting and adapting to the changing landscape, mainly when working with the younger generation, who are tech-savvy and prefer self-paced learning.
    • CoachD emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and one's abilities, citing Henry Ford's success with an assembly line as an example.
    • Dr. Dave thanks CoachD and invites listeners to stay tuned for future episodes, highlighting CoachD's valuable insights and knowledge.


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