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Cryptocurrency – Manage Chaos with Agile

            Launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).  Planning and facilitating delivery of the ICO offering to market is best realized with an Agile practice.  Agile practices are made for responding to change and the key constant for delivering the ICO to market is…

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Diversity and Inclusion Agility Journey

            Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a psychological safety concern that needs to be championed by agile coaches and leaders. Everyone in the organization must be aligned with this way of thinking and behavior to achieve psychological safety and D&I agility. If the organization leaders’ goal is to create a…

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Digital Transformation Strategy Canvas

                Digital Transformation Strategy is one of the latest hot topics.  Allow me to introduce my perspective on how to prioritize, implement, and measure Digital Transformation Strategy (DTS). Digital transformation strategy (DTS) is reinventing or inventing your business in a disruptive market. The strategies may include 1) spin up…

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Agility LeaderShift Learning Cards

        People learn by interacting with each other and influenced by a common set of ideas and tools.  The agility LeaderShift learning cards provide a rich set of topics that can be used during a retrospective activity to improve a team’s ability and encourage growth in specific areas. The following are some…

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Elastic Minds Six Thinking Lens – Enhance Your Innovation Journey

Elastic minds realize neuroplasticity in experiences viewed through the thinking lens that include 1) creative, 2) critical, 3) strategic, 4) design, 5) lean, and 6) systems thinking as illustrated Figure 1.  These six forms of thinking are used by innovators to inform and direct businesses destinies toward success. Creative thinking – Brainstorming using divergent thinking…

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