Leadership Coaching

Leadership mastermind cohorts are designed to leverage the power of peer collaboration to bring out the best in your leaders. Small groups of leaders work together as a cohort and benefit from each other’s knowledge, input, and feedback as they work towards a common purpose.

Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on accelerating high performance teams by improving communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills. We focus on drawing out the strengths of individuals to multiply the effectiveness of the whole. Conflict within teams can be healthy when they learn healthy methods of having conflict that brings out the best solutions a team can offer.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching accelerates learning and development in ways that training cannot. Individualized focus helps each person build the awareness and insight they need to expand their skills and abilities so they can unlock their unique potential. Individualized assessment and development plans are key to developing emotional intelligence, increase strategic thinking, and develop executive presence. Our personalized one-on-one coaching is designed to focus on the individual needs and goals of each developing leader so they can achieve what is needed to move to the next level.

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One of the most important aspects of a workplace culture is “flow.” If your organization “flows,” your employees have the freedom to think creatively, cultivate insights, and solve problems that seemed impossible before.


But of course, flow is not the only thing that matters in an organization. Many Agile leaders need a holistic view on organization systems, value, and impact which includes both the leader and the organization. Leaders should have a desire to learn more about themselves, the people they work with, and their organization by adapting empathy and Gemba walks.


If you want to enable your fellow leaders (and yourself) to harness their inner power and capabilities, you must enable flow in your organization – and we’re here to make that happen.


Dr. Dave Cornelius uses Agile coaching to help clients create abundance in their workplaces. He guides people on a journey to unlock and fulfill their potential, helping them discover the answers to “unsolvable questions” and create active steps to help them move forward through life with authenticity.


Every coaching conversation begins with one simple question: “What would be helpful for you today?” While it may seem simple, this question builds deep trust and connection, which helps Dr. Dave and his client determine where the real work is needed. Your coaching sessions can help you build a commitment to action, which cultivates the resilience and versatility that will help you through difficult situations.


Dr. Dave’s built his coaching toolkit to include practices such as:

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) principles
  • Mindfulness
  • Co-active coaching
  • Design thinking
  • World Business and Executive Coaching (WBEC) foundations


His coaching begins with empathy and progresses toward the client finding their level of awesomeness. Dr. Dave’s coaching will help you identify the most important and meaningful topics for your organization, allowing you to cultivate powerful insights and gain the motivation to succeed.


What People are Saying about Dr. Dave …

“Dr. Dave Cornelius was contracted as a full-time Agile coach and trainer from October 2019 to May 2020. He trained over 200 team members in the Scrum and SAFe framework. He continued to coach across all levels of the organization. Dr. Dave led several cross functional workshops, coaching teams to align on challenged areas and develop working agreements for increased collaboration.” - Amber


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Customers' experiences with KnolShare and Dr. Dave Cornelius

The first thing I witnessed was the Dr. Cornelius’s ability to use observation and powerful questions to help us begin to identify our customers and personas for our technology platform. - Keith, Principle CyberOI

 "Dr. Dave exemplifies servant leadership and continues to be a powerful inspiration for me as I strive for lifelong learning. Based on my positive experience, I refer him to companies and contacts focused on providing Leadership Development for Executives seeking to reach their full potential." - Michele, Client Solutions Manager and Program Development, Experis, a ManpowerGroup Company

Experis, Manpower Group  "I have a team of eight (8) direct reports, and have since used the methods Dave taught me around ideation and gamification with my team. An example of my leveraging these teachings (Servant Leadership & Empathy), would be during our Q1 market kick off meeting for 2019.  I laid out a pathway for them to actually get to the plan numbers themselves through having them share their thoughts about how we can keep our growth trend through 2019, and the things they felt would allow them to continue that path. - Tammy, Managing Director, 

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