Agility Coaching
  • 5-Hours Coaching Dr. Dave

    5-Hours Coaching with Dr. Dave

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We offer private Agility and leadership coaching at your facility or off site.  Our coaches are certified in the latest agile and lean thinking practices to help you and your team maximize the investment of time and money.  Coaching is a commitment to enabling your teams to increase capacity and deliver more value.

Our coaching help individuals and teams to:

  • Overcome Hurdles to Success
  • Discover Areas to Improve
  • Become Agile Certified
  • Improve Team Communication
  • Build Common Pathways
  • Better Production Efficiency
  • Create Self-Organizing and Emergent Leaders
  • Listen with Empathy
  • Increase Project Completion Times
  • Embrace Continual Learning
  • Apply Nonviolent Communications and Servant Leadership

Customers' experiences with KnolShare and Dr. Dave Cornelius

The first thing I witnessed was the Dr. Cornelius’s ability to use observation and powerful questions to help us begin to identify our customers and personas for our technology platform. - Keith, Principle CyberOI

 "Dr. Dave exemplifies servant leadership and continues to be a powerful inspiration for me as I strive for lifelong learning. Based on my positive experience, I refer him to companies and contacts focused on providing Leadership Development for Executives seeking to reach their full potential." - Michele, Client Solutions Manager and Program Development, Experis, a ManpowerGroup Company

Experis, Manpower Group  "I have a team of eight (8) direct reports, and have since used the methods Dave taught me around ideation and gamification with my team. An example of my leveraging these teachings (Servant Leadership & Empathy), would be during our Q1 market kick off meeting for 2019.  I laid out a pathway for them to actually get to the plan numbers themselves through having them share their thoughts about how we can keep our growth trend through 2019, and the things they felt would allow them to continue that path. - Tammy, Managing Director, 

Improving Your Organization and Team Capability!

People are the greatest contributors to innovation that delivers products and services.  In the digital transformation journey, to satisfy the customer’s satisfaction, you must unleash the following:

  • Deliver Quality Results
  • Provide Value
  • Produce On-Time
  • Provide More Engaging Customer Experiences
  • Empower Employees to Be Innovative and Self-Organizing
  • Reinvent Operations for Effectiveness and Scalability
  • Transform Products and Services

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