Deliver Value: Happy contributing people, Satisfied customers, and Thriving business.

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Business value is a measurable outcome that can be realized and shared.  Value thrives on the experience of receiving something useful that is beneficial to us. Value is also giving something of merit to others that is good or helpful.  As we deliver value, the state of satisfaction is being given and received.  As a coach and servant leader, when I engage in helping people achieve awesomenessĂ”,  one state of satisfaction is being realized and shared.

In the last 20 years, I would say that we have been in a heightened state of accelerating innovation and the sense of urgency to know the value being delivered is needed.  This is not to say that we have a crystal ball that gives us an accurate measurement of value but a precise incremental awareness of value. The way forward is Business Agility, a path that encourages leaders (assigned and emergent) to engage and create an environment that enables everyone to be happy contributors, satisfy customers, and help business thrive in a competitive landscape.  Moving forward we must understand Business Agility in the context of responding proactively to opportunities and threats to enable sustained growth in the organization and people.

This conversation is for organizations with different experiences that include startups, mature businesses, the solo-preneurs, and non-profits. The conversation is no longer just for the assigned leaders with titles but for everyone in the organization willing and capable of delivering value.  The value ROI is realized through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), agile organization design, innovation, digital transformation strategy, lean business startup, and coaching and training.

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