E127 Guiding Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) with Generative Leadership: An Introduction

Generative Leadership to Thrive

Dr. Dave A. Cornelius, aka Dr. Dave, discusses the intersection of generative leadership and Lean portfolio management. They emphasize the importance of adopting an abundance mindset, trust, and a willingness to learn from failure. Dr. Dave highlights the challenges and opportunities of implementing Lean Portfolio Management (LPM).  Dr. Dave adds context on how these practices can be applied in a workplace with multiple generations. The speaker also stresses the need for executive buy-in, change management, and a human-centric approach to implementing Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) successfully.


Action Items

  • [ ] Promote upcoming learning opportunities on generative leadership to the organization.
  • [ ] Interview experts who can share experiences implementing different LPM adoption steps.
  • [ ] Read Dr. Dave's book "Generative Leadership The Thrive" for more insights.
  • [ ] Join the next podcast episode on discussing the abundance mindset tenant of GAP.


Generative leadership practices for Lean portfolio management.

  • Dr. Dave discusses generative leadership and lean portfolio management practices.
  • Dr. Dave emphasizes the importance of leaders having an abundance mindset and fostering a culture of trust, empowerment, and learning from failure.
  • Gap leaders prioritize partnering, experimentation, and continuous learning to drive success in the future of work.


Lean portfolio management practices for strategic investments.

  • Dr. Dave discusses Lean portfolio management practices for maximizing investments.
  • Dr. Dave discusses prioritizing budgets, investments, and compliance in digital solutions.
  • Benefits of LPM include improving strategic initiatives, accelerating decision-making, and reducing friction.


Implementing lean portfolio management with a focus on human-centric leadership practices.

  • Dr. Dave highlights the challenges leaders face in adopting lpm, including losing control and resistance from value stream teams.
  • The generative leadership approach emphasizes head, heart, hands, and habits to guide organizations through lpm adoption.
  • Dr. Dave highlights the importance of human-centric elements in LPM adoption, including an abundance mindset, openness to people, and co-creation.
  • GAP tenets (head, heart, hands, and habits) guide adopting LPM practices, focusing on willingness, trust, and experimentation.

Implementing Lean portfolio management to grow business.

  • Dr. Dave outlines a strategy to expand market share among environmentally conscious Gen Y Gen Z consumers by 5% within two years.
  • AI is a hot topic, and the company may adopt AI to fuel entrepreneurial capabilities by 2025.
  • Dr. Dave discusses aligning leadership and stakeholders and organizing around value streams to deliver value.
  • Strategize and budget for portfolio, execute through portfolio events and validate learning.


Adopting Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) in organizations.

  • Dr. Dave explains the Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) adoption roadmap to executives and leadership teams.
  • He proposes a vertical slice approach to deliver value incrementally and validate learning.
  • Dr. Dave outlines steps for successful LPM implementation, including defining portfolios and creating an artifact.
  • He emphasizes the importance of change management and stakeholder buy-in for LPM’s success.
  • Dr. Dave uses an empathy map canvas to understand the needs of the leadership team and organization.
  • He captures information through dialogue and observations to gain insights into the outside world.

Implementing Lean Portfolio Management in an organization, focusing on value streams, OKRs, and trust.

  • Dr. Dave outlines the LPM adoption process for organizing value streams.
  • Strategize: Break big ideas into strategic themes, OKRs, and portfolio vision.


Executing strategic plans, measuring progress, and validating ideas through customer feedback.

  • Dr. Dave discusses facilitating LPM events, measuring portfolio performance, and establishing the Value Management Office and Lean-Agile Center of Excellence.
  • Dr. Dave emphasizes customer validation and traction as crucial aspects of the Lean Startup methodology.
  • He highlights the importance of understanding customer pains and gains and designing solutions that fit their needs.

Leadership, governance, and technology management in an organization.

  • Dr. Dave discusses the desirability, feasibility, and viability of projects, ensuring they align with the organization's goals and values.
  • He emphasizes the importance of governance, partnerships, and compliance in the next step, LPM.
  • Dr. Dave emphasizes the importance of heart, hands, and habits for positive organizational change.
  • He discusses using Generative Adaptive Practice (GAP) and being a generative leader to guide LPMs.

Implementing Lean portfolio management with generative leadership.

  • Dr. Dave discusses leadership adoption steps and upcoming episodes with experts.
  • Leaders should take small but significant steps towards Lean portfolio management implementation, building trust and collaboration within teams for collective growth.
  • Dr. Dave invites listeners to join his podcast and masterclass, promoting an abundance mindset and generative leadership.

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