Why Agile Learning Is the Mindset to Get Us Through the COVID Crisis

agile learning

It doesn’t matter who you are. COVID-19 changed everything for all of us.  Families and businesses around the globe realized just how fragile our lives can be. As a result, agility and flexibility are becoming the new norm. Many industries are shifting to new business models that weren’t even a thought before 2020. The education…

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Belonging and Healing Part-1: Sense Your Space of Belonging

Belonging and Healing Part-1: Sense Your Space of Belonging Podcast Soundtrack: Let’s talk about it. Let’s go deep. We all have something to share, KnolShare with Dr. Dave. Dr. Dave: So hello and welcome to the Knolshare with Dr. Dave podcast. This is Dr. Dave Cornelius, your host. I am super excited and pleased to…

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6 Tips to Help You Get Your Agile Certification

agile certification

The greatest doers of our time discovered their agency by questioning the way we get things done. They asked, is there a more efficient way we could be doing this? And do I play a role in being part of the chaos?” It turns out that we do have a role to play, and we get to…

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Deliver Value Installment #1: Definition of Value (DoV)

Deliver Value Installment #1: Definition of Value (DoV) Author: Dr. Dave Cornelius If you ask several people what the definition of value is, you will likely receive varying responses.  Let’s begin with the dictionary and see what is written about the definition of value in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  This dictionary was established in 1828.  Value…

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