Catapulting Your Career: 8 Benefits of Scrum Master Certification

scrum master certification

Did you know that over 94% of enterprises use Scrum for their agile practices? Burning Glass Scrum professionals will increase 37.9% over the next decade. According to,  Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master Certification is the 9th most-requested certification this year. Scrum is one of the most important product delivery tools in business. It’s a framework that…

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EAFH50: Tim Abbott

Tim Abbott Shares the need for Social Justice and Empathy in Human Systems Dr. Dave: Hello, and welcome to the KnolShare with Doctor Dave Podcast. This is Doctor Dave Cornelius, your host. Give me an elevator pitch, one minute or so about what makes Tim, Tim? Tim Abbott: Well, what makes me, me is that…

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Ashanti Gardner Graphic Recorder – Agile BIPOC Experience

Ashanti Gardner, Graphic Recorder – BIPOC Agile Experiences Dr. Dave: Hello, and welcome to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcasts. This is Dr. Dave Cornelius, your host. The conversation today is with Ashanti Gardner, a graphic facilitator and recorder, and a coal collaborator in the Agile for Humanity, meetup and conference. So. Hey. Welcome, Ashanti.…

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