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Deliver Products and Services Faster to Market with Agile.

KnolShare with Dr. Dave

Agile Portfolio Value Delivery – Intake Activities

The intake activities needed to satisfy change help organization leaders to make decisions on the highest priority items to place investments. These investments are key to responding to changes caused by opportunities and threats. The changes come from customers, competition, regulatory bodies, and market dynamics. Changes also come from internal innovations to test assumptions for…

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Be Agile Week – Agile Open Arizona

The Be Agile Week was celebrated with the Agile Open Arizona, Agile Coach Camp Arizona, and KnolShare Workshops at the Tucson Convention Center. Agile practitioners from Boston, Orange County, Dallas Fort Worth, Minneapolis, Dallas, Phoenix, and Tucson attended to share agile learning experiences using Open Space Technology (OST).

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KVOI 1030 AM Mark Bishop of the Morning Affairs Radio Show Talks Agile with Dr. Dave Cornelius

KnolShare with Dr. Dave Podcast – The conversation with KVOI 1030 AM radio hist Mark Bishop included the following: Happy contributing people, which include purpose, mastery, trust, respect, and emergent leadership. Iterative value delivery – do work in smaller increments and start one and finish one. Continual learning – iterative learning of new concepts…

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Cryptocurrency – Manage Chaos with Agile

            Launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).  Planning and facilitating delivery of the ICO offering to market is best realized with an Agile practice.  Agile practices are made for responding to change and the key constant for delivering the ICO to market is…

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