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Value is a Measurable Outcome

Value is a measurable outcome that you can realize and share.  I have heard people say that value is hard to quantify or qualify.  They even go as far as to avoid using the word.  A ban on Value?  In the U.S. Virgin Islands people have cisterns and the value of water is at a…

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Test First Then Code: Understand what is being asked of you in a User Story

Test-First is a built-in quality practice from eXtreme programming (XP) that emphasized building tests before writing code.  After observing software team practicing agile struggle with completing stories consistently and try to incorporate test driven development (TDD) into the development cycle, I knew something was missing. Allow me to share with you the new paradigm of…

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Agile Teams Gladly Takes Ownership of Deliverables

The Scrum team is the builders of things (BoT). I would say one of the most important roles in the Scrum ecosystem. Only the Scrum team members can define the duration to complete work.  The Scrum Master, the PO, nor anyone else in the organization have the authority to define how long work should take. …

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Coaching Agile Leaders: Applying Management Consulting Practices

The practice of Agile coaching goes beyond single teams and extends to the transformation of organizations to respond appropriately to market challenges and opportunities. Coaching can be defined as: Training and facilitating Agile frameworks knowledge and application Collaborative engagement People empowerment Culture shift.     Click to read the article posted on Scrum Alliance.  

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The Scrum Masters Role and Value

The Scrum Master (SM) role facilitates the team practice of lean thinking and agile tenets by using the Scrum framework. Operating in this role without authority is difficult and can lead to questions of worth to the value delivered. The SM role is important for the outcome of team harmony and to enable self-organization.  People…

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