Generative Agile Leadership Journey

agile leadership

What if a change in leadership strategy could transform your business? At first, such a claim may seem too good to be true. However, agile leadership is very real. And its potential to supercharge your workplace is equally real. Unfortunately, many of the CEOs and managers who would most benefit from agile leadership don’t know…

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The Ultimate Guide to Agile Leadership Training

agile leadership training

Upwards of 70% of companies in the USA are now making use of Agile methodologies. Unsurprisingly, many of them are investing in Agile leadership training to make sure any transition is smooth. You would not want to fall behind in the Agile revolution that is still happening in the business world. Below, we lay out some…

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6 Tips to Help You Get Your Agile Certification

agile certification

The greatest doers of our time discovered their agency by questioning the way we get things done. They asked, is there a more efficient way we could be doing this? And do I play a role in being part of the chaos?” It turns out that we do have a role to play, and we get to…

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Why Your Business Should Use the Scaling Agile Framework

Scaling Agile Framework

Did you know that, according to GoRemotely, 71% of companies in 2020 were adopting Agile? Additionally, 98% of companies were helped by Agile adoption, and the Agile failure rate is only 8%. If you’ve been considering using the Scaling Agile Framework for these reasons or others, you might not know whether it’s right for you.…

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