Agility LeaderShift Learning Cards

Agility LeaderShift Learning Cards





People learn by interacting with each other and influenced by a common set of ideas and tools.  The agility LeaderShift learning cards provide a rich set of topics that can be used during a retrospective activity to improve a team’s ability and encourage growth in specific areas.

The following are some ideas to use the learning cards:

  • Coaches: Facilitate leadership discussions with clients and teams
  • Scrum Masters: Use 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and infinity card for Planning Poker
  • Presenters: Give a card to the audience for conversation and feedback
  • Lean Coffee: Discussion topics to set the agenda
  • Retrospective Meetings: Apply gammification for continual learning and growth
  • Meet-up / Networking: Ice breaker topics


By: Dr. Dave Cornelius

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