Blueprints of Dreams: Create Your Visioning Journey Map


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We invite you to become the architect of your extraordinary life by attending the Blueprints of Dreams: Creating Your Visioning Journey Map experience.  It is the start of another year, and what vision do you have for yourself?  In this playful workshop, you can craft a draft vision to achieve your goals within 3 to 6 months.

Topic includes:

  • Visioning Purpose
  • NLP Well-formed Outcomes
  • SMART Goals
  • Applying the Visioning Journey Map Tool
  • Go Deeper with Inquiry Throughout the Journey
  • Debrief for Continual Growth

We added a bonus from my book ‘Beyond the Windowsill,’ highlighting Ashanti MWendo’s Visual Journey.

Enroll in Blueprints of Dreams today and:

  • Become the Michelangelo of your destiny: Design a powerful vision that magnetizes your future.
  • Craft a roadmap that ignites your soul: Forget the generic one-size-fits-all plans. You will build a personalized journey map tailored to your unique rhythm and aspirations.
  • Transform your dreams into actionable steps: No more nebulous wishes floating in the ether. You will break down your goals into bite-sized, achievable milestones fueled by the power of the SMART framework.
  • Join a tribe of dreamers: Find your community, share your victories and struggles, and draw inspiration from kindred spirits on their journeys.

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