KnolShare Launches Interactive Website Focused on Training & Coaching for IT & Agile Professionals

KnolShare Launches Interactive Website Focused on

Training & Coaching for IT & Agile Professionals


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…April 28, 2016…COSTA MESA, CALIF….KnolShare, an innovative agile coaching and training company, today announced that it has launched its new interactive website offering comprehensive lean, agile, and agile leadership courses that qualify for professional continuing education credits, as well as highlighting its in-person coaching services focused on lean and agile thinking.

KnolShare focuses on technology, marketing, and training organizations with the goals of optimizing value through improved alignment, increased quality, and measured results. This includes both online and face-to-face training in industry practices, including agile Kanban, Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), IT service management, and product management. Leader and team coaching also are available, and KnolShare coaches can be embedded in an organization in order to achieve concept-to-cash goals with delivery teams.

According to KnolShare Principal Dave Cornelius, DM, the online content features industry thought leaders and individuals who offer insights in technology, agility, and innovation. “Our new courses allow users to explore knowledge to improve professional and individual growth, as well as help them make informed decision,” Dr. Cornelius said. “The learnings provided are a blend of interviews and courses on various topics, and users can access the material anytime and anywhere through mobile devices and computers. We want to help IT and agile professionals succeed through inspirational learning.”

In addition, Cornelius announced the publication of a new book and card game focused on Agile and lean leadership. The book, “Transforming Your Leadership Character: The Lean Thinking & Agility Way” offers a fresh perspective, describing three personas working their way through three leadership dispositions. The book provides an easy way for readers to transform their leadership character using Kanban visual radiator and retrospective techniques. The book is available on

Agility LeaderShift™ is a two-pack card game providing a learning experience to assist aspiring and existing leaders to transform leadership through lean thinking and Agility concepts. This innovative game is a perfect complement to the “Transforming Your Leadership Character” book. The game is available for purchase on the KnolShare website.

About Dave Cornelius, DM

KnolShare Principal Dave Cornelius, DM, is a globally recognized lean and agile catalyst who empowers others to achieve their very best. He specializes in coaching, training, and leading co-located and distributed teams to deliver quality innovations from concept to cash. Dave holds a doctorate in management, a master’s degree in business administration, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Dave also leads 5 Saturdays, an innovative education non-profit that introduces students to careers in IT and business, and empowers them through agility and innovation. The 5 Saturdays program has been recognized by the White House, in local community papers, and by the Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance.

About KnolShare

KnolShare is a community of industry thought leaders willing to explore new knowledge to improve professional and individual growth. Its interactive online training curriculum for IT and agile professionals focuses on technology, agility, innovation, and other topics. Users can claim PMI (Project Management Institute) professional development units (PDUs) and Scrum Alliance Scrum educational units (SEUs). The group also offers in-person consulting, training, and coaching services. More information is available at

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