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Deliver value to customers – agile adoption and agile transformation

Helping a client achieve a specific objective is exciting and rewarding. Knowing that you were instrumental in the agile transformation journey that provided coaching, training, and consulting to the SVPs, Directors, Managers, and product management and software development teams increases your confidence in the ability to help teams achieve their level of awesomeness. The focus is the journey from agile adoption to agile transformation.

Agile Transformation Purpose

Adopt a lightweight iterative practice that moves the organization to strategic alignment and collaboration that satisfy customer demands and market dynamics.  The defined outcomes are designed to “rinse and repeat” across the enterprise.

Adopting Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Outcome Measurements:

  • 30 – 75% Faster response to market demands
  • Build in quality; 25 – 75% defects reduction
  • 10 – 50% Happy and engaged contributing people
  • Roles over Titles
  • One Team over Reporting Structures

Agile Adoption vs Transformation

Agile Adoption: A change in process that is consistent with an Agile framework. Do Agile!

Agile Transformation: The process of transforming the organization’s culture and structure to achieve agility. Be Agile!

Organization ImpactAgile AdoptionAgile Transformation
Speed of changeQuickSlow
Planning timeframeShort termLong term
Productivity gain60% to 100%300% to 1100%
Organization structure changeLittle or noneSignificant
Change in cultureLocalizedWide spread
Measure ResultsOutputsOutcomes
Agile Adoption vs. Transformation Journey

CIO.COM: How PetSmart IT grooms the customer experience

One way to see the fruit of your labor is through the acknowledgement in an article that describes the transition to an iterative approach for product development. Mike Goodwin, stated, “In the end, the incremental approach is a more accurate way to predict financial outcomes than with waterfall, because it keeps everyone focused on the same metrics. But it does require a shift in thinking for financial governance, which evolved with us.”

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