Elastic Minds Six Thinking Lens – Enhance Your Innovation Journey

Elastic minds realize neuroplasticity in experiences viewed through the thinking lens that include 1) creative, 2) critical, 3) strategic, 4) design, 5) lean, and 6) systems thinking as illustrated Figure 1.  These six forms of thinking are used by innovators to inform and direct businesses destinies toward success.

  • Creative thinking – Brainstorming using divergent thinking
  • Critical thinking – Contextualize problem resolutions by evaluating and synthesizing
  • Design thinking – Empathy and prototype tess
  • Strategic thinking – Prioritization and decisions
  • Lean thinking – Optimization and continual improvements
  • Systems thinking – Double feedback loops based on the interactions between items in systems


Elastic Minds - Six Thinking Lens











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By: Dr. Dave Cornelius

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