Beyond The Windowsill – Ashanti MWendo Sequel

Beyond The Windowsill - Ashanti MWendo Sequel

In the sequel of the Ashanti MWendo series, we embark on a captivating journey with Ashanti as she navigates the complexities of leading two tech giants, Avant-Garde Metaverse (AGM) and Uwazi, while balancing the demands of motherhood and partnership.


The tapestry of Ashanti's life is richly woven with diverse threads, each essential to her life’s journey. Her husband, Ayo, and twin 12-year-old children, Carmel and Caleb, who live on the spectrum with exceptional gifts, provide her with a steadfast anchor of love and support.


As Ashanti spearheads AGM's product development and Uwazi's interim CEO, she must masterfully balance her dual roles, harnessing her agility and vision to spur continuous innovation in both realms. The dynamic world of Uwazi, a nascent venture poised to amplify its Metaverse offerings through the innovative use of AI deepfakes and security tokens, presents Ashanti with new challenges and opportunities.


This captivating sequel will witness Ashanti's unwavering commitment to her family, career, and passion for innovation. We will cheer her on as she overcomes obstacles and achieves new heights, blazing a trail for other women, men, girls, boys, and ‘they’ to follow.