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Agile Scrum for Teams - Scrum Master Role

  • Scrum for Teams – Scrum Master (Agile Team Coach) Role

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The Scrum for Teams Scrum Master Lab introduces Scrum concepts, frameworks, and practices through simulations, and videos to create an experiential learning environment.  The practices introduced in the Lab is applicable to any domain (IT, Marketing, HR, Operations, etc.) involved with value delivery.

Agile Scrum for Teams Course Details

Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 Scrum for Teams Introduction [SFT]
Unit 2 Get Ready to Start [SFT]
Module 2 Agile Liftoff Lab - Scrum for Teams
Unit 1 I Love Lucy: Chocolate Factory [SFT]
Unit 2 I Love Lucy Debrief [SFT]
Unit 3 Small and Large Batch [SFT]
Unit 4 Value Streams [SFT]
Unit 5 Pains and Gains [SFT]
Unit 6 How Do You Define Agile? [SFT]
Unit 7 Why Agile? [SFT]
Unit 8 VUCA World [SFT]
Unit 9 Agile Benefits [SFT]
Unit 10 Reasons for Agile - Agile Maturity [SFT]
Unit 11 What is Agile? [SFT]
Unit 12 Cynefin [SFT]
Unit 13 Agile 4 Values [SFT]
Unit 14 Agile 12 Principles [SFT]
Unit 15 Agile Frameworks [SFT]
Unit 16 Nordstrom Innovation Labs Video [SFT]
Unit 17 What's In It For You? (WIIFY) [SFT]
Unit 18 Close Agile Section [SFT]
Module 3 Scrum Essentials
Unit 1 Scrum for Teams Introduction [SFT]
Unit 2 Ball Point Game [SFT]
Unit 3 Ball Point Game Debrief [SFT]
Unit 4 Ball Point Game Debrief and Workbook Activity [SFT]
Unit 5 Scrum Framework [SFT]
Unit 6 What is Scrum? [SFT]
Unit 7 Scrum Alliance What is Scrum Video [SFT]
Unit 8 Scrum Is ... [SFT]
Unit 9 The New New Product Development Game Activity #1 [SFT]
Unit 10 Scrum Pillars and Values [SFT]
Unit 11 Scrum Values & Knowledge Assessment [SFT]
Unit 12 What is Scrum Learning Summary [SFT]
Unit 13 What is Scrum Retrospective and Activity [SFT]
Module 4 Scrum Team
Unit 1 Scrum Team [SFT]
Unit 2 IDEO - Scrum Team Members [SFT]
Unit 3 Product Owner Role [SFT]
Unit 4 Scrum Master and Development Team Roles [SFT]
Unit 5 Scrum Master Role Activity [SFT]
Unit 6 Development Team Role Activity [SFT]
Unit 7 SOAR Retrospective [SFT]
Module 5 Facilitating and Coaching High Performing Teams
Unit 1 Facilitating Coaching High-performance Teams [SFT]
Unit 2 Greatness by David Marquet [SFT]
Unit 3 Ro Sham Bo (Rock Paper Scissors) Rockstar Game [SFT]
Unit 4 Tuchmans Team Formation; RoShamBo Rockstar. [SFT]
Unit 5 Self-Organizing Team Activity. [SFT]
Unit 6 Coaching, Facilitating Training & Mentoring. [SFT]
Unit 7 Team Alliance [SFT]
Unit 8 Working Agreements [SFT]
Unit 9 Team Toxins [SFT]
Unit 10 Facilitating and Coaching Retrospective [SFT]
Module 6 Scrum Events
Unit 1 Scrum Events Intro [SFT]
Unit 2 Agile 5 Levels of Planning [SFT]
Unit 3 The Sprint [SFT]
Unit 4 Sprint Planning [SFT]
Unit 5 Agile Estimating [SFT]
Unit 6 Daily Scrum [SFT]
Unit 7 Sprint Review [SFT]
Unit 8 Sprint Retrospective [SFT]
Unit 9 Scrum Events Summary [SFT]
Module 7 Measuring Outcomes
Unit 1 Measuring Outcomes [SFT]
Module 8 Scrum Artifacts
Unit 1 Scrum Artifacts [SFT]
Module 9 Artifacts Transparency
Unit 1 Artifact Transparency - Definition of Done [SFT]
Module 10 Product Backlog Refinement
There are no units in this module.
Module 11 Story Mapping
Unit 1 Product Backlog Refinement [SFT]
Unit 2 Product Backlog Iceberg [SFT]
Unit 3 User Stories [SFT]
Unit 4 User Story Legos [SFT]
Unit 5 Story Mapping [SFT]
Module 12 Do Scrum
Unit 1 Do Scrum [SFT]
Module 13 What is Next
Unit 1 What is Next [SFT]
Module 14 Scrum Knowledge Assessment [SFT]
Unit 1 Scrum Test Simulation [SFT]
Module 15 Scrum for Teams Scrum Master Survey
Unit 1 Scrum Master Course Survey [SFT]