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KnolShare (Knowledge Share) offers online and instructor-led Agile courses that build stronger teams to deliver products and services to market faster.

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With KnolShare Professional Agile / Scrum Training Courses You Will Learn To:

  • Build engaging teams
  • Satisfy customers
  • Enable emergent Agile Leaders
  • Lead thriving business

With KnolShare courses, you will evolve your Agile organization around the delivery of exceptional value. Enjoy the benefits of engaged team members who are eager to contribute. Explore some of our available courses

Knolshare Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master

For Scrum Masters & Agile
Team Coaches

Be a servant leader and boost productivity by coaching your development Team to be self-organizing and cross-functional.

Knolshare Agile Product Leader / Product Owner

For Product Owners &
Product Leaders

Learn how to maintain the stakeholder's vision while maximizing the value of work by the Development Team.

Agile Development Team Knolshare

Agile Developer

Learn how to be a more effective Agile Developer by planning and delivering your incremental "Done" tasks for the product.

Knolshare Business Agility for Enterprises

Business Agility
For Enterprises

Create an environment for the whole organization to respond to opportunities and threats using frameworks, innovation, and collaboration.

Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting the teams trained and prepped for big room planning. I appreciate your coaching style, you have a great way of lifting people up and encouraging them. I am so grateful you are part of the team -- Amy PetSmart

Gain more tips, tricks, and insights from our Blog articles and Videos. See our certified Agile professionals in action teaching other teams like yours.

Knolshare Agile Solution Architects

Agile Solutions Architects Courses

Learn how to develop guidelines and find the best technology solutions for product design and implementation.

Knolshare Agile & Lean Leadership

Agile Leaders Courses

Learn techniques to recycle process efficiencies, constantly reassess project value, and inspire an environment for your team to thrive.

Build collaborative partnerships that move the needle and business agility

Knolshare Business, Professional and Agile Coaching

Business, Executive, and Agile Coaching

Learn to enable thought-provoking leadership skills that inspire fluid organizational flow.

Measure Your Agile Team’s Progress with Knolshare

Measure Your Agile Teams' Progress

Use collaborative tools to measure and learn about your teams' progress.

Knolshare Collaborative Consulting

Collaborative Consulting

We partner with your firm; we conduct a thorough analysis of your challenges to collectively seek the best solutions.

Ask Dr. Dave

Knolshare One on One Training

One-on-One Conversations

Get a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Dave, a renowned leader in Agile coaching.

Knolshare 1 Hour Coaching Session Registration

Win A 1-Hour Free Coaching Session With Dr. Dave

Register to win a one-hour free consultation with Dr. Dave. He shares his expert secrets with you. Don't miss out!