Resiliently You! A dedication to Black History month 2023 and Beyond.

Resiliently you!

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By: Dr. Dave Cornelius ©2022

I am awakened by morning dew

Drip drop dripping on my rooftop

I arise to a new day with opportunities new

The rooster sings a melody that is my alarm clock

Ticking Tick Tok


Gotta make a move


Got up and smiled with the morning sun

The sun smiled back

It is my time to meditate, take a walk or a run

Si puedo

Yes I can


Self-care energizes mind, body, and spirit

I pondered, if I don’t care for myself, who will?

If I don’t cheer for my mind-full-ness, who will?

If I don’t dare to risk and lift my stature, who will?


If you thrive in the night hours and not in the early hours of the day

It is OK

No two humans are exactly alike

You are wonderfully made and uniquely set apart

With unique gifts that are given based on your own uniqueness


There will be times of struggles

There will be moments to juggle

This, that, the other and even bubbles

But the weight of troubles cannot hold blessings

With hands wide open, be ready to receive wise lessons


A rising tide lifts all boats

Lift up your brothers and sisters so we are all elevated

Go toward goodness

Share with kindness

So we all arrive at greatness


When we walk through the valley

Filled with shadows and death

We are not afraid!

The great I AM is our friend and comforts us

With clarity of vision of what’s next to come

The blindspots do not make me feel numb


I have lived through COVID and I am still here

Through oppression and microaggressions, I have thrived without fear

You can’t hold a blessed man / woman / they down

There are more gifts to come and go around


(Let us say the following pledge together)

I am valuable

I am resilient

I sense belonging

I am working on healing

I will praise the resiliently you in me and the resiliently me in you

Ubuntu (oo-boon-too), I see you

Ubuntu (oo-boon-too), I value you

Ubuntu (oo-boon-too), You are enough