KnolShare Agility LeaderShift Learning Cards

A Fun and Interactive Way for Teams to Learn Together

Go Play Innovate

Welcome to the Agility LeaderShift card game that help leaders learn more about servant leadership, lean thinking, and agile practices in a fun way!

One Way to Play:

  • Select a knowledge bucket (card) from the deck of cards.
  • Each player has 90 seconds to respond to the question or scenario.

It’s that simple!

Agility LeaderShift is a fun game that enables you to learn lean and agile principles in a group or individually.

This game is for you if you are interested in becoming a better leader in your family, community, and/or business. Or, you may want to play a game that causes you to reflect upon how you get along with other people at work, at school, and at home.

The game can also be used as a training tool to introduce the concepts of lean thinking and agility to professionals who are interested in transforming their leadership character.