Generative Agile Leadership Tenets

Generative Agile Leadership (GAL) Tenets

Generative Agile Leadership DNA

Do we need a new way of leadership to enable teams and organizations to thrive in complex and adaptive systems? Yes! Generative leaders, the pioneers of the future, recognize that staying stagnant isn't an option. Generative leaders aim to reimagine their business context to benefit those within their circle of influence and those adjacent to it. This article introduces the eight tenets of Generative Agile Leadership (GAL), the structure for leaders to focus on creating and growing people to have a new or changed experience.

The eight (8) Generative Agile Leadership (GAL) tenets are:

  1. Abundance Mindset - Develop a culture of learning and growth within your organization.
  2. Focus on WE (Willing & Enabled) - Co-create strategies for building resilient teams and promoting collaboration.
  3. We trust you to achieve our goals - Build trust with your team and encourage them to take ownership of their work.
  4. Win and lose as a team - Develop a mindset that embraces successes and failures and learns from them.
  5. Partner and have conversations to learn more - Develop strategies for fostering dialogue and learning from your team.
  6. Run the experiment and evaluate the hypothesis - Use adaptive practices to harness new ideas with an open mind and evaluate their potential.
  7. What did we learn from failure to grow? - Evaluate your team's performance and identify areas for improvement.
  8. Fun & Joy - Enhance productivity by shaping a positive organizational culture that enables individuals and teams to thrive in VUCA environments.

In closing, remember that to innovate and thrive, we must be willing to experiment, evaluate and evolve. That's the mantra of the Future Focus generative leader. As a generative leader, trust is your most potent tool. Use it, nurture it, and watch the magic unfold. Until next time, stay focused and empowered.

Dr. Dave - Coach, Learning Facilitator, and Author

Dr. Dave A. Cornelius, aka “Dr. Dave,” is a business, executive, organization, and agile coach and trainer, partnering with leaders and teams in for-profit, start-up, and non-profit organizations to deliver awesomeness that meets their goals.

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