Digital Transformation Strategy (DTS) Accelerator.

Digital transformation strategy is reinventing or inventing your business in a disruptive market. The strategies may include a) spin up a startup within a larger organization, b) create a few digital experiments, and / or  c) leverage technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Our Digital Transformation Strategy Canvas framework will help you cut to the chase so that you may:

  • Innovate your business model
  • Strengthen your value stream
  • Think about your customers empathetically
  • Create an agile organization

A recent Harvard Business Review stated that software is eating the world.  The simple translation is that all things digital requires software to enable technology agility and scalability.  Technology agility helps your organization to crate a balance for how much in-house versus Cloud technology ownership is required. The fourth industrial revolution is opening pathways for companies to compete globally with smaller, smarter, connected systems or devices resulting in a smaller in-house footprint.  The technology options presented in the fourth industrial revolution include the following:

  • Cloud (AWS and Azure) Adoption
  • Artificial Intteligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Mobile computing
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Cybersecurity


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