At the conclusion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Serve and coach the Scrum Team
  • Embody and live by Scrum Values
  • Serve a Development Team
  • Serve a Product Owner
  • Serve the Organization
  • Identify and remove impediments
  • Facilitate high performing teams
  • Facilitate Scrum Events
  • Lead Play activities
Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 Scrum for Teams Introduction [SFT]
Unit 2 Get Ready to Start [SFT]
Module 2 Agile Liftoff Lab - Scrum for Teams
Unit 1 I Love Lucy: Chocolate Factory [SFT]
Unit 2 I Love Lucy Debrief [SFT]
Unit 3 Small and Large Batch [SFT]
Unit 4 Value Streams [SFT]
Unit 5 Pains and Gains [SFT]
Unit 6 How Do You Define Agile? [SFT]
Unit 7 Why Agile? [SFT]
Unit 8 VUCA World [SFT]
Unit 9 Agile Benefits [SFT]
Unit 10 Reasons for Agile - Agile Maturity [SFT]
Unit 11 What is Agile? [SFT]
Unit 12 Cynefin [SFT]
Unit 13 Agile 4 Values [SFT]
Unit 14 Agile 12 Principles [SFT]
Unit 15 Agile Frameworks [SFT]
Unit 16 Nordstrom Innovation Labs Video [SFT]
Unit 17 What's In It For You? (WIIFY) [SFT]
Unit 18 Close Agile Section [SFT]
Module 3 Scrum Essentials
Unit 1 Scrum for Teams Introduction [SFT]
Unit 2 Ball Point Game [SFT]
Unit 3 Ball Point Game Debrief [SFT]
Unit 4 Ball Point Game Debrief and Workbook Activity [SFT]
Unit 5 Scrum Framework [SFT]
Unit 6 What is Scrum? [SFT]
Unit 7 Scrum Alliance What is Scrum Video [SFT]
Unit 8 Scrum Is ... [SFT]
Unit 9 The New New Product Development Game Activity #1 [SFT]
Unit 10 Scrum Pillars and Values [SFT]
Unit 11 Scrum Values & Knowledge Assessment [SFT]
Unit 12 What is Scrum Learning Summary [SFT]
Unit 13 What is Scrum Retrospective and Activity [SFT]
Module 4 Scrum Team
Unit 1 Scrum Team [SFT]
Unit 2 IDEO - Scrum Team Members [SFT]
Unit 3 Product Owner Role [SFT]
Unit 4 Scrum Master and Development Team Roles [SFT]
Unit 5 Scrum Master Role Activity [SFT]
Unit 6 Development Team Role Activity [SFT]
Unit 7 SOAR Retrospective [SFT]
Module 5 Facilitating and Coaching High Performing Teams
Unit 1 Facilitating Coaching High-performance Teams [SFT]
Unit 2 Greatness by David Marquet [SFT]
Unit 3 Ro Sham Bo (Rock Paper Scissors) Rockstar Game [SFT]
Unit 4 Tuchmans Team Formation; RoShamBo Rockstar. [SFT]
Unit 5 Self-Organizing Team Activity. [SFT]
Unit 6 Coaching, Facilitating Training & Mentoring. [SFT]
Unit 7 Team Alliance [SFT]
Unit 8 Working Agreements [SFT]
Unit 9 Team Toxins [SFT]
Unit 10 Facilitating and Coaching Retrospective [SFT]
Module 6 Scrum Events
Unit 1 Scrum Events Intro [SFT]
Unit 2 Agile 5 Levels of Planning [SFT]
Unit 3 The Sprint [SFT]
Unit 4 Sprint Planning [SFT]
Unit 5 Agile Estimating [SFT]
Unit 6 Daily Scrum [SFT]
Unit 7 Sprint Review [SFT]
Unit 8 Sprint Retrospective [SFT]
Unit 9 Scrum Events Summary [SFT]
Module 7 Measuring Outcomes
Unit 1 Measuring Outcomes [SFT]
Module 8 Scrum Artifacts
Unit 1 Scrum Artifacts [SFT]
Module 9 Artifacts Transparency
Unit 1 Artifact Transparency - Definition of Done [SFT]
Module 10 Product Backlog Refinement
There are no units in this module.
Module 11 Story Mapping
Unit 1 Product Backlog Refinement [SFT]
Unit 2 Product Backlog Iceberg [SFT]
Unit 3 User Stories [SFT]
Unit 4 User Story Legos [SFT]
Unit 5 Story Mapping [SFT]
Module 12 Do Scrum
Unit 1 Do Scrum [SFT]
Module 13 What is Next
Unit 1 What is Next [SFT]
Module 14 Scrum Knowledge Assessment [SFT]
Unit 1 Scrum Test Simulation [SFT]
Module 15 CATC-I Survey
Unit 1 CATC-I Survey