Catapulting Your Career: 8 Benefits of Scrum Master Certification

scrum master certification

Did you know that over 94% of enterprises use Scrum for their agile practices?

Burning Glass Scrum professionals will increase 37.9% over the next decade.

According to,  Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master Certification is the 9th most-requested certification this year.

Scrum is one of the most important product delivery tools in business. It’s a framework that enables teams to work together. It essentially is a set of events, tools, and roles that work to help teams organize and manage work.

To become one of the best Scrum leaders in the workforce, the Certified Agile Team Coach (CATC-I) certification is essential. Here, we’re going to talk about the benefits of an Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master Certification course so that you can make a more informed choice as to whether or not you should take the leap.

1. Strengthens Your Scrum Knowledge

Many software developers and business owners simply do not have knowledge of Scrum and agile. This is problematic because you do not have the means to use an agile framework, scale it, and integrate it into your business. CATC-I certification courses give Scrum newbies the chance to build their base in the framework and gain greater insight into it.

When a person or team holds a strong knowledge of Scrum, they can tackle any impediments in their product development. This will ultimately ensure that it is delivered on time so that your B2B or B2C clients view you as a reputable business. 

2. Makes You a Workplace Asset

If you’re part of a team that’s implementing Scrum, you can become the primary expert that solves issues that come with its implementation. This is critical because implementation requires an expert that can solve any problems that arise with product development.

When tackling this project, CATC-I certification gives you the practical knowledge needed to implement the system effectively. When you’re the certified party, you become an invaluable asset in transforming your company into an Agile business.

3. Opens the Door to Higher Pay

When you perform a function within the team that others cannot, you usually have the chance to demand higher pay. This is especially the case for those who lead Agile environment transformative projects because so few people in a given industry have CATC-I certification.

You’ll become exceedingly competitive in the technology marketplace. This will give you the chance to ask for a higher salary upfront and to ask for raises as time goes by.

4. Helps Your Career

CATC-I certification is a reputable credential that many organizations recognize. When you become certified, you can add this to your resume and therefore open the doors to opportunities that come with it.

CATC-I certification catches the eyes of job recruiters, as they increasingly understand the value of leading enterprise initiatives with an agile mindset. Certification means that people are more likely to be hired. It also makes them more likely to get the chosen careers that they apply for, rather than lower positions.

5. Alters Your Mindset

In order to succeed in an Agile environment, you must first develop an Agile mindset. A Scrum Master certification course can instill the correct mindset within the learner to execute the framework more successfully. Furthermore, it will help you to get into the Agile mindset during all steps and levels of product development.

When you think in an Agile mindset, you can build a more successful team and deliver value to customers. You garner a more comprehensive understanding of Agile practices and apply this knowledge to other areas of your job. You also learn how to reduce conflicts and instead foster nurturing environments that promote teamwork.

6. Lets You Communicate More Openly

CATC-I online courses teach communication methods to trainees, in addition to skills related to the core product. Candidate communication skills become much more refined so that you can become a greater team player within the workplace. You become a leader that others in your business look up to as an authority in the field.

Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master certified individuals can help the team understand potential risks. They can then give them practical solutions to these pain points. The ultimate impact is higher success levels for all involved in projects that use Agile practices.

7. Improved Collaboration

Since Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master certified individuals gather a wide portfolio of communication skills, they also become more adept at managing teams. They then can encourage and lead these teams to get all work done on time while still making it of the highest quality.

Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master candidates are educated about collaboration in courses that emphasize the concept of teamwork in product development. CATC-I trainees also learn their specific roles in these areas and how they can be a servant leader to the Scrum / Agile team.

8. Professional Network Expansion

Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master can connect with others online. You will be able to speak with other Scrum Masters and learn from them. You also will be able to share your ideas and understandings with them and make your mark on the community.

Since these Scrum experts reside all around the globe, you can gain insight into how Agile practices are implemented around the world. You can take other culture’s outlooks and implement them into your own team’s strategy. Plus, if you ever want to move abroad, you’ll have professional connections worldwide to make this happen.

Get Scrum Master Certification Today

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