Why Your Business Should Use the Scaling Agile Framework

Scaling Agile Framework

Did you know that, according to GoRemotely, 71% of companies in 2020 were adopting Agile? Additionally, 98% of companies were helped by Agile adoption, and the Agile failure rate is only 8%. If you’ve been considering using the Scaling Agile Framework for these reasons or others, you might not know whether it’s right for you.…

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Why Should You Become a Certified Agile Team Coach?

Certified Agile Team Coach

What if you could take your career to the next level with a single certification? Becoming a certified Agile Team Coach is a powerful way to transform your career. And obtaining a Scrum Master certification will certainly set you ahead of your competition. Still not sure if you’d like to become an Agile Team Coach? Keep…

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Catapulting Your Career: 8 Benefits of Scrum Master Certification

scrum master certification

Did you know that over 94% of enterprises use Scrum for their agile practices? Burning Glass Scrum professionals will increase 37.9% over the next decade. According to Indeed.com,  Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master Certification is the 9th most-requested certification this year. Scrum is one of the most important product delivery tools in business. It’s a framework that…

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