Agile Solution Architects


These days, customers can use the web and their mobile devices to buy things and retrieve information at any time. If companies want to keep pace with the rapidity and elasticity of customer demands, they must find modern solutions to satisfy consumer needs. These solutions include multiple technologies that can scale to meet growth or reduction in demands.


Agile teams must deliver small increments of value for customers and learn-fast. How can they do it? With the help of a solution architect.


Agile solution architects set the foundation for technology platforms, especially when building large and complex solutions. If you are building a complex technology platform that includes mobile (iOS and Android), Azure or AWS cloud platform, MongoDB, web (React), and artificial intelligence machine learning (ML), you will need someone to establish a blueprint to reduce the risks of connecting multiple technology platforms. The Agile solution architect will provide guidelines and find the best technology solutions for product design and implementation.


Agile principle number nine states, “The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.” However, principle number nine does not exclude having solution architects as members of the self-organizing team.


The leaders responsible for approving the budgets for large technology development often ask how the initiative will benefit the organization and deliver value. This is an opportunity for the Agile solution architect to present the value in a non-technical conversation. At KnolShare, we created the Digital Transformation Strategy (DTS) canvas to guide Agile solution architects toward a customer-centric view of the value contribution technology can bring to an organization.


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