Helping People Achieve Awesomeness

Agile Organization Design.

The need for organizations to shift and be agile cannot be overstated.  An agile approach to setting your people’s goals and evaluations will boost moral and free up managers’ time to focus on more strategic business objectives.  Incentives should be based on measuring outcomes, localized evidenced-based decisions, and continual learning.  Fundamentally, changing the funding model for software initiatives to an in-house startup or release train will reduce the false premise of predicting ship dates and pivot to a release on demand model.  Increase cross-functional team collaboration and happiness through self-organizing and localized innovation.

The desired outcome is a responsive, learning, and resilient organization.

Key activities include:

  • Lean thinking and agile practices
  • Continual learning community
  • Culture mapping
  • Workspace design
  • Dynamic Reteaming