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Archive for May 2016

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) with James Prieto

James Prieto a NVC and agile certified coach shared his experiences about the use of this practice to help teams grow.  He described observations, feelings, needs, and requests as key NVC tenets. If I took time to observe the behaviors myself and others, would that affect relationships?  Connecting with my feelings to make sure that…

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Coaching Agile Leaders

 Athletes receive coaching that help them in many areas, which include strength, psychology, strategy, and skills.  Corporate professionals need coaching to improve in key areas of strategy and skill and to make corrective actions to blind spots.  Coaching can help leaders to change the organization culture by becoming aware of the areas to maximize existing…

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Transforming Your Leadership Character Webinar with Project Insight

 Get you copy of the “Transforming Your leadership Character: The Lean Thinking and Agility Way” book on Over 350 people attended this webinar and actively participated in answering questions and posing questions of their own.  Mi Amigo Curtis Gilbert was a guest and offered his insights into the importance of using lean think and agility tenets…

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